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We are a group of young bearded men, who are determined to help all the beardsmen out there reach their full potential, to have their beards fully shine! Our mission is, simply, that we all become MEGA BEARDED MEN!

We have been successful in achieving it for five years now, and this is just the beginning...
Every day we try to present you with the best products of the highest quality for your precious beard!
With work comes a great time and having fun.

Everything you do in life must bring you satisfaction and happiness. Those are the two essential requirements for leading a fulfilled life! Thanks to Barbam's and you, our loyal beardsmen, we have thatevery day. Each bit of progress you make, each kind word and sign of affection make our day! You have no idea how important it is for us that we are growing and thriving together. We are over the Moon when you grow a beard! That's what pushes us forward.

There's one more thing you need to know: The point of having a beard is to make you a better man.You'll see it for yourself - each day, as your beard grows thicker and stronger, you will improve too. You will be shocked by that power at first, but soon you'll realize where it's coming from. Having a beard will giveyouself-confidence! Having a beard will make you serious and strong!

Having a beard will help you become the strongest version of yourself! AN ALFA MALE!
If you managed to grow a beard, what could possibly stop you on your way to conquer the world?!?